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Forward Horizon Early Adopters


Daily Reports

Published online for paying customers every business day. Simulated area prices will be presented for each price zone, alongside traded standard forward products,and compared with the latest traded product prices.

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Key Market Data

 Hydrological balance, extracts of weather forecasts, SRMCs for thermal generation all included. 30 weather scenarios for prices, generation of hydropower, wind power, solar power, power flow, consumption, reservoirs, inflow, hydropower


Free API Acccess

Standard API usage included in all subscriptions. Extended access to simulation results via downloading on API: hourly resolution data series for 0-4 years ahead over 30 weather scenarios for prices

We're making something new

We are excited to invite early adopters to no-strings attached two-week free trial to our online portal for the Forward Horizon.

During the trial you will be invited to book a meeting with one of our analysts for a walkthrough of the portal, and to address any questions regarding the power market.

After the trial is concluded, users will be offered the opportunity to subscribe to the Forward Horizon at a discounted rate for the first three months.

Sign up on the right today, and see how Volt Power Analytics can help you!

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